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I was performing in a graduation comedy show. Many of the other players had never been on stage before, so there were quite nervous during the warm-up. This was improv, after all… there is no safety net.

Beginners often worry a lot about worrying. Will I be good, will anyone laugh, why am I so nervous right now? Worrying about worrying is an infinite loop.

It helps me to call this worrying, anxious feeling by its friendlier name: excitement. I feel excited, not nervous. That helps me terminate the “I’m worried about being worried” loop.

Beginners mistakenly think that worrying is a “bad” thing. Being a little worried is useful, because it means that you care about your performance and you are keen to improve.

Imagine the opposite - if you were completely indifferent to the show, something is wrong. Either you don’t care enough about the show, or you aren’t trying enough. You can only give a great performance if you’re excited.

Worrying, anxiety - or better said, excitement - is an important ingredient for a successful show. Don’t be afraid of it, harness that energy!

Photo by Tine Ivanič on Unsplash.