Why I mentor

. 1 min read

Why do I spend my free time helping people learn to code?

Because many mentors have helped me.

In a previous job, I was curious about what my engineering colleagues were building. The application was built with Python, and I asked if there was a book to read about this Python thing. They suggested Learn Python The Hard Way, a beginner’s book with explanations and exercises.

I was instantly hooked. I would wake up extra early every day to read the book.

I fell in love with programming.

I am grateful for my colleagues, for encouraging me and answering all of my questions. I still remember the day I asked what is the difference between print and return.

Coding was my hobby. It quickly became an obsession. And now, I am proud to be a Software Engineer.

I am sure you all have had brilliant mentors too. We have all felt the impact of mentoring. Now we can do the same for someone else.

You can help someone discover coding.
You can help someone get better at coding.

And sometimes, you might even help change someone’s life, like my mentors did for me.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash.