What is MVC?

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At Rails Girls workshops, students often ask, "What is MVC?". How would you answer the question?

My strategy

Before thinking of an answer, let's take a step back. Should mentors be explaining the Model-View-Controller paradigm at the beginning of a Rails Girls workshop?

I love the design patterns in Rails, including the MVC paradigm. I am not ashamed to admit, I needed thousands of hours of practice until I had experienced enough to truly appreciate these design patterns.

When I was a student at Rails Girls, I was confused by all these new words being thrown at me. As a mentor, I realised my students were suffering too. What is a model? What is a migration? What is the Terminal? When will this ever make sense?

My strategy is to ask your student. Would they prefer to have an outline of the theory before building the application, or would they prefer a finished application on Heroku to show their friends? Every student is different. Tailor the workshop to the student's learning style.

Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash.