Understanding success

. 1 min read

At the beginning of any coding workshop, I try to understand what success means to the student, now and in the future.

It is tempting to dive straight into the workshop, especially when the student is excited to begin. Please take the time to understand why the student came to the workshop.

Why is the student spending the evening in a coding workshop that makes their brains sweat, rather than relaxing with Netflix? There must be a strong, interesting motivation. Aren't you curious?

Every student has different goals. A student might be a complete beginner that is interested in the fundamentals. Other students already have a specific project in mind. You can select a tutorial that will help build their dream project.

I have a secret tactic for understanding success. I ask, "What have you built before?". This question does double duty. It gives the student an opportunity to show you what they are most proud of, what they define as success. It also makes the student feel proud about their work, because Some Impressive Expert (you) is genuinely interested in their work.

Photo by Maksym Ivashchenko on Unsplash.