The Twenty Post Challenge

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I want to be a better writer. As a little motivational tool, I set myself the goal of publishing twenty blog posts before the end of the year. This is post #20.

Honestly, I was embarrassed by the thought of publishing. This fear had not served me well. Prior to the challenge, I had only managed to write four posts in 2018. If I want to be better at this writing game, I have to practise.

Twenty posts in 8 weeks? Challenge accepted. This article is about how I have made writing a regular habit. I hope it helps my fellow shy and slightly embarrassed writers.

Prioritise for momentum

Momentum is powerful. I started the writing challenge with quick, small wins. Get the first five posts published as soon as possible.

I celebrate every published post, and add it to a paper list placed prominently on my desk.

The more you write, the more ideas you will have. Don't think about the twentieth post, focus on publishing the next one instead.

Reduce scope

It is easier to form a writing habit with shorter, more frequent posts. It also makes writing seem less intimidating.

I reduce the scope of my posts so they can be drafted in under 20 minutes.

Ship before you feel ready

I am a beginner, and I expect my posts to be of poor quality. That's the point of practice.

I am grateful to be embarrassed by posts from a month ago. That means I am improving.

You will never be "ready". Hit the publish button now. Ship.

Don't worry about the rest

Don't worry about anything that prevents you from publishing.

Don't style your blog. Don't optimise the social media sharing options. Don't set up HTTPS. These are all distractions.

Focus on the content first.

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash.