Technically perfect

. 1 min read

I was at a conference for a CRM product, and every presenter was incredibly polished.

This was a major sales event. Every presenter exuded confidence, had perfect posture, just the right amount of hand gestures, and they memorised their lines accompanied with gorgeous demos.

The presenters were incredibly polished. But… everyone was polished in exactly the same way. I saw technically perfect performances, but I don’t remember what the talks were about.

You will only be memorable if you can say your story in your voice. Good comedy teachers encourage students to find their own style from day one.

Don’t worry about small presentation issues. You will quickly correct issues such as stance, confidence, and memorisation. They’re easy to fix with practice.

From day one, tell your story in your unique voice. Being memorable is far more important than being technically “perfect”.

Photo by Katie Montgomery on Unsplash.