Seen it before

. 1 min read

I have taken an unusual path to studying Computer Science. I worked as a software engineer before deciding to study at university.

In my first practical coding lab, I launched Vim, my usual code editor.

That must have seemed a little terrifying to my lab partner. First ever computer science subject, first time coding - and your lab partner is already using Vim!

Across the first year cohort, there was a huge range of prior programming experience. It can feel like there is always somebody better than you.

It is crucial for students to understand that nobody is "born" to be a brilliant programmer. The classmates that can already write a bubble sort algorithm are not smarter than you. They have simply seen a similar problem before.

(And the Vim classmate isn't any smarter either - she just likes the editing shortcuts!)

Photo by Miguel Angel Avila on Unsplash.