Runs on the board

. 1 min read

The fastest way to improve at public speaking is through practice.

But how will you get runs on the board?

Think of your next standup meeting as a performance. Try and make it special.
You probably already know about local meetups. Sign up for one today.
You might be able to deliver the engineering update at the next company meeting. Ask your manager.

It’s important to also try and find speaking opportunities that align with your current interests. For me, I loved comedy. I wanted to tell jokes on stage, and the enjoyment I get out of performing outweighs my fear and hatred of public speaking. (I still hate it)

What are your hobbies now?

For example, if you enjoy playing RPGs, that is an excellent way to build your storytelling muscle. If you enjoy games like Dungeons and Dragons, try and host your own game. Every time you tell a story, you’re levelling up.

Don’t make public speaking a chore. Try and make it a part of what you already enjoy, and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Photo by Joshua Peacock on Unsplash.