Running out of ideas

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No one ever gets talker’s block. No one wakes up in the morning, discovers he has nothing to say and sits quietly, for days or weeks, until the muse hits, until the moment is right, until all the craziness in his life has died down. - Seth Godin

I am trying to build a writing habit. It is hard because I have these silly, irrational fears. Chief among them is the fear I will run out of blog ideas!!! I will get writer's block!!!

When I set myself the challenge of writing 20 blog posts last year, I wasn't sure if I was able to think of enough ideas. Of course, I was being ridiculous. It is easy to think of 20 mediocre ideas.

Whenever I feel the fear and wonder if I should be blogging, I think of Seth Godin's words.

Writer’s block isn’t hard to cure.

Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.

I believe that everyone should write in public. Get a blog. Or use Squidoo or Tumblr or a microblogging site. Use an alias if you like. Turn off comments, certainly–you don’t need more criticism, you need more writing.

Do it every day. Every single day. Not a diary, not fiction, but analysis. Clear, crisp, honest writing about what you see in the world. Or want to see. Or teach (in writing). Tell us how to do something.

If you know you have to write something every single day, even a paragraph, you will improve your writing.

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