People want to help

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The nicest compliment you can give is... to ask for help.

You’re great at public speaking. How did you learn to be so good?

It’s amazing how many people want to help you. When I started coding, I was amazed by how many engineers were happy to review my garbage code and give me thoughtful career advice. All without asking for anything in return.

These days, people ask me for advice, and now I review (non-garbage) code for free. Now I understand why those engineers were so eager to help me. They wanted to pay it forward.

Remarkable people in your field have succeeded with the support of many others along the way. The superstars are actively looking for people to help. They want to share their experience with you.

Think of someone you admire. A outstanding software engineer, your favourite Computer Science lecturer, a fantastic comedian, or someone else.

How did you learn to be so good?

Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash.