Look forward to the failures

. 1 min read

If you're learning a new skill, don't keep waiting for that moment of mastery. If you want to last long enough to be a master, you're going to have to enjoy the little failures along the way.

I think people think it's too hard to learn a new (human) language, because we're constantly comparing ourselves to your native tongue.

I struggle with this too, although I know how silly it is. The other day, I used the wrong Spanish preposition at the post office, and was gently corrected. For a moment I thought, gee I fucked up such a basic sentence. But no, actually I'm proud of myself. I successfully bought a stamp for a postcard to send home, and now I learned the correct preposition.

If you want to stay motivated enough to learn a new language, you can't spend every day beating yourself up for not being fluent yet. Learning Spanish isn't just about the fluent conversations I hope to have in the future, it's also enjoying the stumbles and little failures every day.

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash.