An easy troll

. 1 min read

I like trolling people (in real life, not on the internet). My university degrees and glasses give the impression of seriousness and erudition. All the easier to troll you with.

Sometimes if I'm feeling naughty... when I want to cross the road, I wait for the signal.

This is especially fun with friends (or enemies) in a busy city like Sydney. I see the other person starting to jaywalk, and I stubbornly wait at the light. It creates such a tremendously awkward dilemma for the other person. They can't stay in the middle of the road. Do they continue to jaywalk to the other side, or do they reverse and rejoin me? Either way, I have successfully pissed them off!

To top it off, I suggest continuing to act dumb. Mumble an excuse about being too afraid to jaywalk. Repeat the troll at every traffic light.

Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash.