How to work

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Whatever you’ve heard about investment banking, the real thing is much worse. You are working 100 hour weeks. You are pulling all-nighters and wondering about your sanity when you watch the sunrise from your desk. Colleagues are relentlessly aggressive and are actively trying to make you fail. Firing happens quickly and often.

And yet… being an investment banker was the best job I ever had. The job taught me everything I know about how to work. How to build a reputation, how to maximise output, how to effectively deal with aggressive colleagues, and so much more.

I was surprised to discover that the same solid work habits are never taught to software engineers.

On my first day as a banker, I was told that it was critical to build a solid reputation. Humans are incredibly stupid, so my mentor made it clear there was only a very short window to build a reputation, before I would be permanently written-off. Why aren’t software engineers taught this too? No matter which career you are in, cementing a good reputation is critical (and you don’t have long to do it).

In this series on “How to Work”, I’ll cover the most important habits you need to know for your career. This is the secret manual for making work easier.

You spend more time at work than with your loved ones. Why make work more painful than it has to be?

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash.