How to create global application shortcuts

. 1 min read

During a day at work, I would often switch between my code editor and iTerm with Spotlight. Typing only “iT”, Spotlight seemed to always suggest “iTunes” rather than “iTerm”. I don’t use iTunes, but Spotlight was rather persistent! I would accidentally open iTunes at some point every day.

When I am writing code, I try to minimise distractions. The distraction of opening and closing iTunes perhaps lasted only a second, but it was enough to throw me off my train of thought.

My solution was to create global shortcuts to navigate to my favourite applications. I use HotKey by CodeNuts. It is very simple to use and you won’t need to write any AppleScript. I have set global shortcuts for iTerm, my code editor, web browser, and note taking app.

In addition to solving my Spotlight bug, global application shortcuts are much faster than pressing Cmd + Space and typing a name. The faster transition helps me to stay focused on my current task.

My colleague joked I would be only saving two minutes a year with these shortcuts, but the productivity boost greatly exceeded the millisecond time saving.

And anyway, you can have a lot of fun in two minutes! 😉

Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash.