Hands and feet

. 1 min read

You can instantly look more confident while speaking by remembering where to put your hands and feet.

Your hands

Your hands say so much about your energy and confidence.

If you want to look confident:

  • Have your hands beside you, or
  • Do a Wonder Woman power pose (My favourite!)

The three most common mistakes I see are:

  • Don't put your hands into your pockets
  • Don't cross your arms and slouch
  • Don't put your hands into your armpits, as if you're holding onto yourself for dear life

Your feet

The most common mistake I see is:

  • Don't lean backwards. It seems like you're physically trying to back out of the presentation!

Watching others

In the next presentation you watch, have a look at the presenter's hands and feet. What do you notice? What might you want to emulate?

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash.