Find your voice

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How do stand-up comedians protect their jokes?

It is easy to steal a joke and pass it off as your own. The comedy community does its best to police plagiarism, but that's not enough to stop people trying.

In stand-up comedy, there is only one sure way to protect your jokes. You have to find your voice. When you find your voice, you can deliver your jokes so brilliantly that nobody can steal them.

All great public speaking starts with finding your own voice. Yes, even deeply technical talks. When you find your own voice, your presentations will have more impact and they will be more memorable. Presentations will also become easier to write, because you'll have a better intuitive sense of your voice.

How do I find my voice?

That's the hard bit. Nobody can tell you the answer. You'll have to discover it by yourself.

When I started performing stand-up comedy, I worked hard to find my voice. Which jokes resonated? How should I deliver them? I would take notes of every performance and make adjustments.

Over your next ten, twenty, one hundred performances, take note of the talks that went amazingly well. What resonated with the audience? Can you replicate this in the next talk?

I know, this sounds so abstract. How do you find your voice, if you don't even know what you're looking for? Keep trying, and you will get there.

When you find your voice, you'll reach the next level.

Photo by Lysander Yuen on Unsplash.