Be foolish

. 1 min read

How do you choose your next weekend project?

I like to choose weekend projects that are at least one of the following:

  • outrageous
  • pointless
  • sounds cool
  • has nothing to do with my career or studies

Preferably, a weekend project has all of the above characteristics. Don't limit yourself to building "useful" projects only.

I think Gerald Weinberg put it best in Do You Want To Be A (Better) Manager?

I believe you must plan to invest at least 10% of your time and money investigating new things, and 20% would be better.

You have to be ready and willing to risk a total loss on your investigations. If you've never read a stupid article, never gone to a useless conference, and never tried out a crippled software tool, you're playing it too safe.

You have to be willing to risk making a fool of yourself, otherwise you're sure to make a fool of yourself.

Photo by karl S on Unsplash.