Be Excited, Be Patient

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Learning to code is incredibly humbling, especially for adults that haven't been at school for a while. The student sees the mentor as an expert. Naturally, nobody wants to look stupid in front of an expert.

Effective mentors create a safe learning environment with their behaviour, so students feel confident asking questions.

Be incredibly excited

Students love to learn with excited mentors. You’ll notice they ask more questions during the workshop.

I use the word "incredibly", because you always look more tired than you think you are. Thus, when you think you are incredibly excited, the student will think you are quite excited.

Before every workshop, I remind myself to be incredibly excited.

Be incredibly patient

A student will feel more at ease if you are incredibly patient.

In the workshop, I assume that the student is the smartest person I have ever met, who is seeing an idea for the first time. I believe in them. They need a little time, but that's all.

You are always less patient than you think you are. I'm sorry to say, but everyone is always more arrogant, more condescending, and more frustrated than they think they are. If you aim to be incredibly patient, your student will think she is quite patient.

We have all had an impatient teacher in our lives, and we remember how that made us feel. Be incredibly patient.

Photo by Ren Ran on Unsplash.