Be defensive

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When you receive feedback, you have the option to pause for a moment.

Before you come up with an excuse. Before you explain why. You can take a pause.

Occasionally, yes, the feedback is crap. In the comedy world, I've received plenty of unsolicited and unkind advice from beginners who know fuck all. Even then, when a beginner is directing a harsh comment towards me...

I don't justify my last joke.
I don't mention how many thousands of hours of experience I have.
I don't make excuses.

That's the extreme end of it. Most of the time, I'm very grateful for feedback. I'm grateful that someone thought it was worth risking social capital to tell me how to improve. I only provide feedback to people who are important to me, people who I think will listen and use the feedback to improve.

The next time you receive feedback, take the option to pause for a moment.

Photo by Victor on Unsplash.