Always be late

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This is part of the How to Work series, the secret manual to making work easier.

Being late needlessly damages your reputation.

Being late is a signal that you don’t care about your colleagues.
Being late is a signal that other people’s time is worth less. It’s arrogance.
Being late is a signal that you are unorganised.
Being late is a signal that the quality of your work is dropping.
Being late is a broken promise.

Why damage your own reputation when it is so easy to show up on time? Wake up earlier. Leave home earlier. Build in a longer buffer. Stop the previous task sooner.

Showing up on time is the most basic proof of competence. If you can’t show up on time, you will find work becomes more difficult. Colleagues will doubt the quality of your work. Your manager will start making more checks on your tickets in progress and spend more time combing through your code.

The reverse is also true. Every time you show up on time, you cement your reputation as a reliable person. You’ll be given more freedom and you’ll soon be trusted with more important tasks.

Never be late.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash.