A faster way to tie shoelaces

. 1 min read

When I was much younger, Mum taught me a faster way to tie my shoelaces. It creates an identical knot to the bunny ears method. By cutting out a step, the method is about 33% faster.

My younger self feverishly evangelised about this faster way to tie shoelaces. You better stop tying your shoelaces the old way, and start using my new cooler way.

When I am done, I am going to be the coolest kid in primary school!

Most humans on Earth are not interested in a new way to tie their shoes. Even little kids have mastered shoelace tying, and they are not going to listen to some condescending fool’s new method.

My method is objectively faster and more efficient. Indeed, my method is so convincing, I have taught exactly zero people to tie their shoes differently.

Nobody wants to tie their shoes faster. I should be solving painful problems instead.

Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash.